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Be the change you wish
to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

About Us

Mindful Smiles is a non-profit organization operating in areas of Africa and Southeast Asia. Entirely apolitical with no religious affiliations, Mindful Smiles’ mission is to finance projects aimed at cultural and economic development of disadvantaged communities and to therefore enhance human assets who live there and to protect their surrounding environment.

The NGO is funded by Mindful Wealth, which has adopted an innovative Performance for Charity model that reinvests 100% of the success fees (in accordance with clients), normally destined for consultants, in projects dedicated to reducing social inequality. Apart from performance gains, Mindful Wealth donates 5% of its annual net profit.

All Mindful Smiles activities are carried out cost-free through volunteerism management and administration expenses are fully sponsored by the founders and all fund-raising initiatives, events, publications, and promotions are realized without any cost to the institutions and associations supported.


Children helped


Projects realised

Mindful Smiles mainly collaborates with Future and Hope, a Swiss NGO founded in 2003 by a small group of volunteers committed to dedicating time and economic resources to others. In Kenya, the Association supports the work of Father Francis Limo Riwa, a Tanzanian missionary who since 1999, has been taking care of street children in Meru, the capital of the county of the same name about 280 km from Nairobi.

The first meeting between the volunteers and Father Francis took place under the shade of a mango tree, which at that time was the only source of shelter apart from a small hut for the children in need of assistance. Today, surrounding that mango tree stands the villages of San Francesco and Santa Clara, which together houses and protects over 1000 children who are guaranteed food, housing, quality education and medical treatment.


Since 2003, we have been in Kenya with Future and Hope NGO, through which we have actively participated in supporting over 1,000 children and adolescents between 5 and 18 years of age, majority of whom are orphans.

In Myanmar and other areas of Southeast Asia, we work alongside reputable associations and institutions to defend and protect the indigenous forests and populations. Our commitment is aimed at defending and conserving the forests subjected to intensive deforestation.

Our primary goal is to cooperate continuously and consistently with missionaries and associations in the territory in order to guarantee real and tangible results in the long term.



In December 2016 kicked off a project to build a shelter for children and adolescents with AIDS.

Organization: Future and Hope


Drinking water well

The construction of a well and a cistern was financed in Santa Clara Village in Meru, Kenya. Prior to this project, the village did not have access to drinking water, which had serious repercussions on the health of both the children and personnel.

Organization: Future and Hope


Food and nutrition

The association in Kenya has funded various pilot projects for the production of corn, amaranth, moringa, legumes, vegetables and fruit, as well as for chicken, pig and fish farms.

These important initiatives have led to a significant improvement in nutrition at the San Francesco and Santa Clara villages in Meru.

Organization: Future and Hope

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